Restore Nature and reduce emmissions

carbon off-setting initiative


LGNS have teamed up with Naturally Wild Festivals to provide a practical way for Irish Arts Festivals to compensate for their unavoidable carbon emissions by contributing directly to our tree planting, rewilding and education projects.

Many organisations and individuals would like to be able to make up for their carbon footprint in the battle again climate change and loss of biodiversity.
If you have already determined your emissions and have calculated the weight (kg CO2e) then just enter the details in the form below which will provide the amount for you to contribute.


Note: If you are new to this initiative we ask that you contact Naturally Wild Festivals about calculating your carbon emissions.

What is Naturally Wild Festivals?


Naturally Wild Festivals Consortium are running a pilot project funded by the Arts Council to compare and contrast tools and methods frequently used to identify the size of an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Learn more about the work of Naturally Wild Festivals >>

What is Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary?


Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary is a not-for-profit environmental organisation and registered charity dedicated to protection of biodiversity, rewilding, restoring the oak forest, and nature education. For more information about our work, please see [LINK TO: Our Projects].

How does the Naturally Wild Festivals CO2 offsetting work?


Step One:
Each participating festival fills out the spreadsheet provided by Native Events to calculate its emissions in KgCO2e.

Step Two:
Festival’s emissions figure in KgCO2e is entered into the carbon offset calculator below; the festival records the resulting figure in euros. This is the amount of the voluntary environmental protection payment to be made.

Step Three:
Festival makes the payment based on the resulting figure, following the instructions provided below.

The festival will receive a receipt in the form of a certificate.

What projects are supported?


The projects of Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary include the following: rewilding and natural regeneration of native woodlands and species-rich grasslands, planting native non-commercial permanent woodlands, and nature education including Forest School sessions.


Rewilding is an exciting and inspiring approach to ecosystem restoration where Nature is given the opportunity to heal and restore itself. Rewilding has been recognized as a key solution in the fight against climate change. Rewilding pulls carbon out of the air and stores it in trees, peat, and other habitats.

  1. It helps build climate resilience due to the carbon sequestration potential of undisturbed wild land. Rewilding has also been recognised as a powerful tool for tackling the biodiversity crisis and reversing the loss of biodiversity.
  2. It is something we believe in and are currently undertaking here at Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary. As part of our rewilding project we support natural regeneration of native woodlands, wetlands and species-rich grasslands.

Planting native trees and natural woodland generation

Native oak woodlands like the ones still present at Lough Grainey valley are a hugely important part of Ireland’s natural heritage. They are also a vital part of Ireland’s climate mitigation measures. We are working on protecting the existing woodlands and restoring them through planting and natural regeneration.

Natural regeneration of saplings is encouraged first and foremost. Planted saplings are protected by tree shelters that are later recycled once the trees establish and mature

Nature Education

We believe nature education is vital for children, and can help them understand the direct link between how we care for Nature and biodiversity and what happens to our climate.

LGNS will be offering Forest School from 2023. Forest School has been shown to build confidence, improve physical and emotional well-being, and social and communications skills. It also helps build empathy for the natural world, as well as allowing experiences of joy and freedom

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We envision Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary to
become Ireland’s flagship project
in rewilding and protection of biodiversity.


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