Donating FAQs

Our Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be individual name plaques on the planted trees?

We are restoring a wild natural native oak forest, and therefore there will not be individual name plaques on individual trees.

We will keep a database and map of planted tree saplings. A planted grove of 10 or more trees can be dedicated in honour or in memory of someone, and will be marked as such on the map of the forest once it is planted.


Will the land be available for public access?

Rewilding is an important aspect of our project, and so the land will not be available for public access, in order to allow the wildlife to return and for the native species of the ground flora to restore. We will, however, hold special days for our sponsors and supporters to visit the nature sanctuary and the restored forest once the trees have been planted. We will also invite our supporters to participate in volunteering events, such as monitoring for increased species diversity, once the nature sanctuary and the oak forest has been established. In addition, we will hold regular walks, and forest school sessions for children, on a dedicated part of the nature sanctuary land, monitored for impact. Our supporters will be informed and invited to such events.


Is it possible to come and plant a tree in person?

It is not currently possible to come and plant a tree in person. However, once the charity purchases the land, we aim to hold public tree planting days, and will send out email invitations to these events. It will be wonderful to see you there!