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We have been successful in buying and preserving 44 acres of land that has now become the core of Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary. Huge heartfelt thanks go to all of our donors, funders, and supporters, we couldn’t have done it without you!! Now, the wilderness and incredibly rich biodiversity of this land will be preserved in perpetuity!

We are continuing to fundraise to  preserve more land for biodiversity and nature restoration.  This land is unique and precious, it is rich in biodiversity including rare birds, plants and animals that are in decline,and some old oak trees, remnants of an ancient oak forest. Part of the land borders a river, and is a unique habitat with an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife.

Did you know?

One mature tree absorbs 48 pounds of CO2 per year.
In about ten years, 1,300 trees will be absorbing and offsetting up to 28.6 TONNES of CO2 per year!
And they will also be producing lots of oxygen for us to breathe!

“We believe this is a very worthwhile and urgent project at this time of
climate crisis, when this country needs more native woodlands and
places managed for nature conservation. This project has a strong
team to run it and we believe it will be a successful project, beneficial
to Ireland’s biodiversity, its native woodlands and to the general public.
[…]Woodlands of Ireland is a technical NGO dedicated to the
expansion and sustainable management of Ireland’s native woodlands
– see, and the project will have access to
technical support and advice.”

Dr Declan Little, Woodlands of Ireland

We envision Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary to
become Ireland’s flagship project
in rewilding and protection of biodiversity.


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